There are great e-juice makers, and there are good ones, for instance, the Suicide Bunny. The intriguing names of the brews include Mother’s Milk, the Original Bunny, Sucker Punch, Madrina, and Derailed. However, these names are not used just to capture the attention because a fancy name cannot make the vaping community be attracted to the products. It’s all about the taste and the experience.


More about Suicide Bunny E-Liquid Flavors

Currently, there are only five e-liquid flavors from the maker. Each brew contains its own character. To discover the one that best suits your taste you can try all of them.

The Original Bunny

The original bunny is the first concoction that was introduced to the vaping community. The bottle titillates your thought with the picture of a masked Marilyn Monroe on the bottle. It comes with the layers of cream and cake with a proposal of luscious strawberry. A number of vapers say that it tastes like cream coconut milk while others sense the taste of creamy butterscotch. You can decide to taste by trying the 30ml bottle. If you really like it, you can the purchase the limited 120ml bottle.

Mothers Milk

Research shows that Mothers Milk is the most searched flavor on the internet, making it a huge favorite in the vaping community. Once again, the bottle makes you marvel the story behind the tattooed woman with blood oozing from one of the eyes. The creamy milk taste like dessert mixed with marshmallow and strawberry. You can start with the small bottle of 30ml then make it a regular with the 120ml bottle.

Sucker Punch

By the look of the bottle, this flavor can give you a knockout vape due to the photo of a pretty boxer. If you are looking for the striking power of a dragon fruit, then this is the juice for you. Enjoy a heady, exotic Vape by buying the 30ml bottle. Go for the 120ml if it’s something you love.



The picture of the mysterious woman on the bottle can make you more inquisitive. Upon opening the bottle, a strong smell is released. Do not be frustrated with the strong smell. Madrina flavor will leave you relaxed as you inhale the refreshing tangerine and honeydew melon. Start with the 30ml. Remember that the 120ml bottle is also available.


The sexy image on the bottle has nothing to do with what you will experience by trying this amazing flavor. The e-fluid has an aroma of baking snickerdoodle (cinnamon and banana) that will remind you of your mother’s kitchen. The bottle is available in both the 30ml and 120ml bottles to leave you wanting more. Suicide Bunny e juice is made from the best available ingredient to come up with a complex flavor that will satisfy your curiosity to give you unforgettable Vape!